Structural and magnetic properties of low-temperature ZnO and ZnMnO layers

Aleksandra Wójcik
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Właściwości strukturalne i magnetyczne niskotemperaturowych warstw ZnO i ZnMnO
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I consider the most important achievements of my dissertation: 1) developing a method of low-temperature growth of ZnO layers with using zinc acetate as a zinc precursor (and also as monoprecursor) 2) demonstrating the correlation between the growth temperature and parameters electricity (although this issue is not discussed at length in of this dissertation, was relevant to the project we were carrying out Of the European Union, code-named VERSATILE) 3) development of a technology for obtaining uniform ZnMnO layers decomposes the manganese admixture 4) showing that the layers thus obtained with low contents manganese impurities do not show ferromagnetic signals. At this point, I would like to point out that the developed methodology of growth (low temperature and proper selection of zinc cycles and magnetic ion) gave at the moment very promising results for ZnCoO layers performed outside the field the current hearing. 

Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
(Warsaw, Poland)
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