Group 11–14 Triazenides: Synthesis, characterization, and thermal evaluation for use in chemical vapor deposition

Rouzbeh Samii
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Abstract Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) are corner-stone techniques for depositing thin films in semi-conductor manufacturing. To deposit semiconductor grade materials, these techniques rely on high-performance precursors. This thesis covers synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of 1,3-dialkyltriazenides of group 11–14 metals as precursors for CVD and ALD. Triazenides had previously not been used as precursors for ALD, nor any other CVD process. The gallium and indium triazenides were used for ALD of indium- and gallium nitride and yielded materials of superior quality over other precursors. The success of these precursors sparked subsequent investigation into triazenides of zinc, and the group 11- and 14 metals. These triazenides showed high volatility and thermal stability making them highly interesting as CVD and ALD precursors. 

Linköping University
(Linköping , Sweden)
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