Swiss Cluster
Product model
SC Optima
Type of product
Large Batch ALD Equipment for multiple 3D objects

The SC OPTIMA is an advanced large ALD batch system. With a carefully optimized design, the SC OPTIMA is revolutionizing high-quality and uniform coatings on 3D objects in record time. Experience a new level of precision and efficiency in 3D part coating with the new patent-pending chamber from Swiss Cluster. The innovative and scalable chamber has been optimally designed to adapt to different types and sizes of 3D parts and coating materials to deliver exceptional coating homogeneity at unparalleled process speeds to increase the throughput to new levels. Our single chamber approach makes it easy to load and unload 3D parts and allows for ultra-fast heating and cooling of both the chamber walls and the parts themselves. Multiple wafers or 3D parts used for decorative coatings, watch parts, medical parts, and vacuum components. Key Features: ✅ Patent-pending chamber for exceptional coating homogeneity ✅ Flexibility to adapt to different sizes of 3D parts and coating materials to maximize process times and throughput ✅ Streamlined door-to-door processes, from loading to unloading ✅ Easy cleanroom access ✅ Rapid heating and cooling of chamber walls and parts ✅ Complete control through flexible machine control and recipe creation software.

Technical features
Chamber dimensions • Adapted to your 3D parts and coating material • 143 L – 1000 L • 640x640x350 mm – 900x1600x700 mm Loading • Easy Front loading with guided cart • Custom-made frame holders for 3D parts • Cleanroom compatible Process Temperatures Up to 500°C Precursors • Up to 8 gas sources with 6 individual inlets • Ozone option Standard Materials • Al₂O₃, ZnO, SiO₂, TiO₂, Y₂O₃, Nitrides • Novel bubbler delivery system optimised for low vapour pressure precursors • 500 nm Al₂O₃ < 1% 1-sigma uniformity Substrate Sizes • Multiple substrates or 3D objects of various shapes and sizes • Dimensions of chamber and holder are optimally adapted to the parts and coating material
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