Forge Nano
Product model
Type of product
Wafer and object coating
THEIA delivers ultra fast deposition with Forge Nano’s patented SMFD-ALD™ in a low cost system for R&D budgets. Sub-second ALD cycle times allow efficient and rapid exploration of applications requiring thick films. Covering challenging patterned substrates such as advanced-generation DRAM device wafers, membranes, sensors, electron multipliers, etc. with aspect ratios up to 1,000. The flexible chamber design allows for both; round up to 200 mm substrate chuck that fits semiconductor wafers, or square parts carrying tray that better accommodates panels or randomly shaped parts.
Technical features


  • Fast and thick film deposition ( > 5 micron)
  • Fast ALD deposition at low temperatures
  • Low temperature processing (down to 80 °C)
  • Seamless incorporation of nano-laminates with reproducible atomic-layer control
  • Composite ternary and quaternary alloy films with no throughput penalty
  • In situ QCM monitoring of film growth with high mass and time resolution
  • Field reconfigurable


  • Temperature Window: 50 – 500 °C
  • Liquid Chemical Inlets: Up to 6
  • Gaseous Chemical Inlets: Up to 4
  • Footprint: 60″ L x 32″ W x 76″ H
  • Capacity: Up to 200mm wafers
  • 5mm height clearance for coupons and objects
  • Substrate Handling: Manual single wafer loading
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