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Product model
Type of product
Powder coating

R&D/Pilot Scale

Prometheus accelerates the understanding of Atomic Layer Deposition and develops its commercial applications. Prometheus is a lab-scale atomic layer deposition tool, built with scaleability in mind, with multiple reactor sizes available, batch size is adjustable

Technical features


  • Powders (micron or larger spherical and rough)
  • Nano-powders
  • Extrudates
  • Small objects
  • Fibers
  • Up to 8 inlet ports for gas and precursors
  • Optional zoned precursor source heating
  • Continuous flow compatible


  • Temperature Window: 50 – 450 °C
  • Liquid Chemical Inlets: Up to 8
  • Gaseous Chemical Inlets: Available upon request
  • Footprint: 88″ L x 30″ W x 78″ H
  • Capacity: Up to 1 Liters of powdered substrate;
  • Substrate Handling: Manual and/or inert loading

Chemistries: Oxides, Metals, Nitrides, Phosphates, MLD

Applications: Catalyst, Thermal Filler, Pharma APIs, Battery Materials, Encapsulation

Design: Prometheus comes with multiple fluidization aids to ensure particles are adequately fluidized for uniform coatings. The vibrating fluidized bed reactor and high shear jet assist the negation of powder aggregation and improve mixing in the reactor. Highly controlled dosing is supported with high degrees of automation and automated process monitoring. The system is equipped with emergency stop logic to enable the ALD system to run continuously, safely, and autonomously. The user interface is also intuitive and is easy to use for easy adoption. The Prometheus Series is the world’s most flexible ALD R&D tool, and it was engineered with the researcher in mind. It provides the most advanced hardware and software for control and in situ analysis of ALD coating in real-time.

Add Ons: Ozone Generator, RGA, Fluidization Assist, Inert Loading, Integrated Dry Pump

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