Forge Nano
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Powder coating

R&D scale

PANDORA makes Particle Atomic Layer Deposition faster, more affordable, and more convenient than anything else on the market today. This instrument comes ready to run out of the box and ensures worry-free, reliable operation, day in and day out.

Technical features



Powders (nano powders up to large spheres)

  • Extrudates
  • Small objects
  • Pharmaceutical APIs
  • Fibers
  • Up to 6 inlet ports for gas and precursors
  • Optional zoned precursor source heating
  • Continuous or static flow compatible
  • Reactor and manifold heating up to 200C


  • Temperature Window: 50 – 200 °C
  • Liquid Chemical Inlets: Up to 6
  • Gaseous Chemical Inlets: Available upon request
  • Footprint: 40″ L x 50″ W x 63″ H
  • Capacity: Up to 200 mL of powdered substrate
  • Substrate Handling: Manual Loading

Chemistries: Oxides, Metals, Nitrides

Applications: Wide substrate ranges, excessively fluffy or difficult to fluidize powders, pellets/capsules/small objects, Pharma APIs

Design: With multiple configurations and customizable options, this impossibly compact tool enables Atomic Layer Deposition research in an easily accessible and approachable form factor. By featuring open source architecture, and building a community of active users, atomic level surface engineering is literally at your fingertips. Pandora is equipped to perform full fledged Atomic Layer Deposition experimentation with REAL results. And best of all, Forge Nano can help you scale, and industrialize your application. Unlock your next BIG innovation with PANDORA.

Add Ons: RGA, Volumetric Dosing, QCM, Integrated Dry Pump, GMP Compliance

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