Product model
Transform 300
Type of product
300 mm single wafer plasma and 300 mm batch thermal ALD cluster system

Thermal and Plasma ALD systems connected in one cluster system. Single wafer or batch processing. Widest range of high-performance oxides and nitrides. Maximize your options for flexible volume production. With its flexible automation platform and unique capability to combine both thermal batch and plasma enhanced ALD process modules in one integrated system, Beneq Transform® offers unparalleled flexibility in how processing sequences can be realized to meet the most demanding thin-film deposition requirements.

Beneq Transform® 300 is the only 300 mm ALD cluster tool combining thermal ALD (batch) and plasma ALD (single wafer) technologies to provide a highly versatile solution to IDMs and foundries. Transform® 300 is dedicated to a broad range of advanced thin-film applications from gate dielectric to anti-reflection coating, final passivation or encapsulation and beyond.

Transform 300 consists of:

  • 2 units of single 300 mm wafer plasma ALD reactor 
  • Batch 300 mm wafer thermal ALD reactor
  • Batch 300 mm wafer preheater module
  • Brooks transfer module

Additional content

  • Brochure of the Transform can be found here.
  • Additional video about the Transform can be found here.
Technical features


Maximum Configuration

3 processing modules & 1 preheater


4400 x 4800 x 2250 mm

Host Integration


Batch Size

Up to 25 x 300 mm wafers

Single Wafer Substrates

300 mm with 200 mm bridge capability

Safety Standards

SEMI S2 and S8

ALD Processes

Al2O3, SiO2, HfO2, Ta2O5, TiO2, AlN, TiN, ZnO, Si3N4

Processing Temperature

420 °C (batch) 350 C (plasma)

Throughput: Al2O3 – 300 oC – 50 nm

12 wafers/hour – 1 batch PM

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