Product model
TFS 500
Type of product
R&D Batch ALD System

The TFS 500 is ideal for diverse use in thin film coating applications. Being the first Beneq reactor model, has proven its case as a versatile tool for both in-depth ALD research and robust batch processing. The TFS 500 is an ideal tool for multi-project environments.

The TFS 500 can handle several types of substrates; wafers, planar objects, particles and porous bulk materials, as well as complex 3D objects with high aspect ratio features. It can further be equipped with a manually operated load lock for increased wafer processing capabilities. Different types of reaction chambers can easily be fitted inside the vacuum chamber, which in turn enables optimizing each reaction chamber for each customer application.

A list of open access scientific publications where the Beneq TFS 500 was used, can be found here.

Technical features


Process Type

Thermal ALD
Plasma-Enhanced ALD


Stand-alone, Cluster, Glovebox, Loadlock


1600 x 900 x 1930 mm

Temperature Range

25–500 °C

Substrate Type

Up to 300 mm wafers

3D parts up to 300 x 420 mm

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