Product model
Genesis ALD
Type of product
Vacuum spatial roll to roll ALD system

The Genesis ALD is ideal for coating any roll-format substrates, and for multiple functional applications.

  • Passivation of cathodes and anodes for various types of lithium-ion and solid-state batteries
  • Conductive layers and encapsulation for flexible solar cells
  • Moisture barriers for flexible electronics

Additional content

  • Brochure of the Genesis ALD can be found here.
  • Additional video about the Genesis ALD can be found here.
  • Learn more about the science of spatial ALD here.
Technical features


Machine Speed

0.1 – 10 mpm

Web Tension

10 – 200 N

Incoming Reel

100 – 420 mm Web Width

300 mm Diameter Maximum

152 mm Core ID

Interleave winders: Yes
150 mm Interleave diameter maximum

ALD Materials

Al2O3, TiO2, ZnO, ZnS, SiO2 and more

Maximum Temperature

250 oC

Product Links
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