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Type of product
Vacuum Spatial ALD system

The Beneq C2R is a cluster-compatible vacuum spatial ALD (V-SALD) tool equipped with a continuous rotary mechanism and robust plasma-enhancement. With rotation speeds up to 200 rpm and in-situ optical broadband monitoring (BBM), C2R is the perfect production tool for high throughput optical coatings with tailored plasma ALD processes. Optical coatings often require micrometer thick layer, making spatial ALD speeds particularly useful.

Technical highlights

  • Vacuum spatial ALD (V-SALD) tool
  • Ultra-high deposition rates, up to several micrometers per hour
  • Rotary Batch Plasma Enhanced PEALD process for up to 7 pcs of 200 mm wafers
  • For lenses and other 3D substrates with thickness up to 30 mm
  • High film thickness uniformity, suitable for demanding optical coating applications
  • Can be equipped with a load lock or  (cluster tool) wafer automation.
  • Typical uniformity <2 % over the batch
  • Typical materials SiO2, TiO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3

Typical substrates

  • Wafers, up to 200 mm
  • Mirrors
  • High curvature lenses

Additional content

  • Brochure of the C2R can be found here.
  • Additional video about the TFS-200 can be found here.
  • Learn more about the science of spatial ALD here.
Technical features


Process Type

Plasma-Enhanced ALD
Single-side coating


Stand-alone or cluster


3770 x 1284 x 1948 mm

Loading Module

Brooks M x 400

Batch Capacity

7 pcs of 200 mm wafer

Temperature Range

25–200 °C

Substrate Type

Wafers, Lenses, Mirrors

Number of Plasma Lines

Up to 3

Deposition Rate

1.5 µm/hr

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