ATLANT 3D Nanosystems
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Direct patterned ALD coating system using micronozzle

ATLANT 3D's technology involves the sequential deposition of gases for direct patterning of various coating materials. It uses a micronozzle that sequentially ejects reactive vapors over a moving substrate. So far the following materials have been tested: TiO2, Pt, ZnO, SiO2.

Discover the most versatile & powerful tool ever created to accelerate advanced material innovation, rapid process testing & device development with atomic precision.​​ Experience the unprecedented flexibility & material versatility!

We enable on-demand next-generation microdevices printing on simple and complex surfaces atom-by-atom. The NANOFABRICATOR™ LITE is the most compact tool ever created to accelerate materials, processes and device innovation with atomic precision. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as MEMS, devices, optics, photonics, packaging, RF & electronics and quantum devices which can be developed with ATLANT 3D technology with previously impossible functionality and speed at a fraction of a cost.

Unique ATLANT 3D's technology allows

  • Direct patterned ALD coating using micronozzle
  • Rapid atomic layer prototyping and manufacturing
  • Highly selective atomic layer patterning
  • Excellent 2D/3D conformal deposition on simple and complex surfaces
  • Combining multiple materials with excellent compatibility
  • Excellent pattern adhesion to almost any surfaces
  • Digital and atomically precise control over the printing process
  • With possibility to apply up to 450 different commercially available materials

4 different precursors and 4 different reactants can be loaded at the same time, allowing you to quickly switch between the materials you wish to deposit or test.

  • DALP®. ATLANT 3D’s Microreactor Direct Atomic Layer Processing technology offers maskless process flexibility and unparalleled prototyping speed – reducing the time of
    design iterations, resource dependencies and overall cost of innovation. 
  • Multi-material. Enabling multi-material deposition in one process, tested on a wide range of advanced materials, independent of surface roughness and substrate sensitivity with multi-shape deposition and a high degree of thickness control. 
  • NANOFABRICATOR™ LITE. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as MEMS and sensors, optics, photonics, advanced packaging, microelectronics as well
    as emerging applications. Designed as a compact and versatile tool to seamlessly integrate into your lab infrastructure.


  • LINE WIDTH: 400 µm now, 25 µm in development, 1 µm long term goal
  • TEMPERATURE: Operates in a temperature range from room temperature (RT) up to 300°C
  • PROCESS SPEED: Variable from 0.1 mm/s up to 100 mm/s (based on sample and process specifications)
  • VERSATILE MATERIALS PLATFORM: Possible to process several materials sequentially out of 150* possible.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Open atmospheric conditions or within controlled ambient environments
  • HYBRID PROCESSING: Direct additive and subtractive processing
  • SELECTIVE AREA DEPOSITION: Path-defined processing for targeted deposition of materials
  • SURFACE GEOMETRY: Conformal deposition on any type of surface with corrugation up to 25 µm
  • MULTIMATERIAL STACK PRINTING: Multiple materials can be deposited sequentially
  • CRYSTALLINE MATERIAL: Growth High quality material deposition
  • SELECTIVE NANOPARTICLE DEPOSITION: Tested with platinum (Pt) processes
  • HOLLOW MICROSTRUCTURING: Post process hollow structure development
Technical features



  • Size: up to 4″ (100mm)
  • Substrate Handling​: Wafer
  • Maximum thickness: 10 mm
  • Z direction shape: Flat
  • Holding method: Vacuum
  • Loading: Manual
  • Heater temperature: max. 300°C
  • Heater temp. uniformity: +/- 1%

Process Chamber

  • Environment: Ambient**** Uncontrolled
  • Processing speed*: up to 200 mm/sec
  • Deposition area: up to 1.5 mm from wafer edge
  • DALP®resolution: 400 μm standard

Gas system

  • Precursor temperature: RT – 150°C
  • Nr. of precursor bubblers: 2**
  • Nr. of reactant bubblers: 1** (H2O***)
  • Nr. of gas reactants: 1**


  • Environment: Inert***** Controlled
  • Additional precursor bubblers: **
  • Additional reactant bubblers: **
  • Additional gas reactants: **

Footprint: tool size D 100 cm x H 200 cm x W 250 cm

Weight: 400 kg

Power supply 

  • 3-phase 32 A
  • 3-phase 16 A
  • 230 V, 50-60 Hz

Gas line connections

  • Argon line connection required
  • Nitrogen line connection required
  • Oxygen line connection required
  • Compressed air line connection required Vacuum line connection required

Exhaust connections

  • For electric box
  • For gas box For printing unit
  • For printhead, should be connected to absorption or decomposition filter (not provided with the system)

* Dependent on materials to be deposited and customer needs.
** Additional number of bubblers and reactants dependent on customer needs.
*** Additional reactant types dependent on customer needs.
**** Clean room, CLASS 8 min recommended.
***** Argon recommended.

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