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We appreciate you stopping by! This is an interactive ALD community website by and for ALD researchers. Our website offers:

  • An active news page, where visitors will find out about the most recent development in the ALD field and registered users can share views and expertise on the topic in the comments.
  • The ability to contribute by creating your own post, which may be featured on the homepage. Click here for guidelines.
  • A job page, where you can browse for ALD jobs all around the world, posted by academia and industry employers.
  • Atomic Layer Deposition also presents the ALD journal. “Atomic Layer Deposition, International Journal” is a diamond open-access journal. This means researchers will be able to publish and read their work free of charge, as we think it should be! You can submit high-quality scientific articles about atomic layer deposition or using atomic layer deposition or related fields. For further instructions, please see the journal pages for more detail.

We hope you enjoy the website and the journal and look forward to meeting you. You can become a registered member for free just by clicking the “Join” button in the top menu.

You can find us on other social media here.  Should you have any questions about the website or the journal, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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For the main picture, we should make the atoms that are being deposited spell out "WELCOME"
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