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Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 February 19 - 25, 2024


[HTML] Atomic layer deposition technology for the development of high-quality, full-colour micro-LED displays (review)

High throughput multiplexing reactor design for rapid screening of atomic/molecular layer deposition processes

[HTML] Suppressing substrate oxidation during plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition on semiconductor surfaces

Protective Al2O3 Thin Film Coating by ALD to Enhance the Anodic Stability of Metallic Current Collectors in Ethereal Mg Electrolyte Solutions

Superconducting single-photon detector integrated in DBR with optical microconnector for MM or SM fiber

Coupling atomic layer deposition with supercritical fluid processing to provide a highly C3H6‐selective ZIF‐8 membrane

[PDF] Ohmic Contact Formation and Atomic Layer Processing for Nitride Devices

Atomic layer deposition of ZnO thin films using a liquid cyclopentadienyl-based precursor

High-Reliability and Self-Rectifying Alkali Ion Memristor through Bottom Electrode Design and Dopant Incorporation

Fabrication of Polymer and Organic-Inorganic Composites

Ferroelectric Enhancement in a TiN/Hf1–xZrxO2/W Device with Controlled Oxidation of the Bottom Electrode

Enhancing control in spatial atomic layer deposition: Insights into precursor diffusion, geometric parameters, and CVD mitigation strategies

TiO2/PPDA Multilayer Nanocomposites with Exceptionally Sharp Large-Scale Interfaces and Nitrogen Doping Gradient

Molecular layer deposited mechanically and chemically robust niobicone interface empowering silicon nanowire anodes with competent cyclabilities

[HTML] Morphological and electrical characterization of gate recessed AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor device by purge-free atomic layer etching

Towards understanding the first half-ALD cycle of Ag growth: adsorption and dissociation of silver (I) acetamidinates on the Ag (110) surface.

An atomic layer deposition diffusion–reaction model for porous media with different particle geometries

Volume compensating materials after vapor phase infiltration: effect of different butyl isomers of polymer side-chains on high process temperature durability

A-Si/SiO2 nanolaminates for tuning the complex refractive index and band gap in optical interference coatings

Approaching the absorption limit with monolayer semiconductor superlattices

Single electron charge spectra of 8-inch MCP-PMTs coated by atomic layer deposition

Fabrication of a wider bandgap θ-Al2O3 by oxidation of ultrathin AlN films for leakage current reduction

Rapid thermal processing induced interfacial diffusion and solid reaction in the Al2O3/ZnO nano-laminates films

Ultrathin and Conformal TiOx Overlayers on WO3 Photoelectrodes for Simultaneous Surface Trap Passivation and Heterojunction Formation

[CITAAT] Ohmic-contact ballistic 2D InSe transistors: promising candidates for more Moore electronics

Gas Sensing and Electrochemical Properties of CNT/WS2 Core–shell Nanostructures


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