Sunday Dose of ALD week 7, 2024

Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 week 7, February 12 - 18, 2024


Unraveling the highly plastic behavior of ALD‐Aluminum oxide encapsulations by small‐scale tensile testing


[HTML] Growth of p-doped 2D-Mo S 2 on A l 2 O 3 from spatial atomic layer deposition

High-performance MoS2 phototransistors with Hf1-xAlxO back-gate dielectric layer grown by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition

ALD-Engineered CuxO Overlayers Transform ZnO Nanorods for Selective Production of CO in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Low‐Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition Synthesis of Vanadium Sulfide (Ultra) Thin Films for Nanotubular Supercapacitors

Ultraviolet-Assisted Atmospheric-Pressure Spatial Atomic Layer Depositions for Tuning ZnO Properties

High-Performance Fully Thermal ALD-Processed IGZO Thin Film Transistors

[HTML] Forming-Free and Non-linear Resistive Switching in Bilayer / Memory Devices by Interface-Induced Internal Resistance

[HTML] Zinc oxide thin film transistor with high UV photoelectric sensitivity for artificial neuro networks

Off-axis bifocal metalens for displacement measurement

Reducing two-level system dissipations in 3D superconducting Niobium resonators by atomic layer deposition and high temperature heat treatment

[HTML] Regulating Lattice Oxygen on the Surfaces of Porous Single-Crystalline NiO for Stabilized and Enhanced CO Oxidation

A stretchable tactile sensor based on ALD-prepared conductive composite textile

Atomic Layer Deposition of Epitaxial Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Thin Films

ALD-enabled WO3-MoO3 nanohybrid heterostructure for high-performance electrochemical supercapacitors

Exploring the early stages of silver growth on Ag (110) surface employing silver (I) acetamidinate as ALD Precursor: a DFT study

Development of Schottky barrier field-effect transistors (SB-MOSFET) with ultra-low thermal budget

Optimum design of aspect ratio limited x-ray zone plates

[HTML] Van der Waals enabled formation and integration of ultrathin high-κ dielectrics on 2D semiconductors

[HTML] Editorial for the Special Issue on Advanced Thin-Films: Design, Fabrication and Applications

[HTML] Gettering of iron by aluminum oxide thin films on silicon wafers: Kinetics and mechanisms

Long-term performance of PEM water electrolysis cells with 3D printed electrodes and low catalyst loading

Graded-Band-Gap Zinc–Tin Oxide Thin-Film Transistors with a Vertically Stacked Structure for Wavelength-Selective Photodetection

Atomic layer epitaxy of twinned TiN by hydrogen-manipulated tailoring on monolayer

Stabilization of the Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase Layer and Improvement of the Performance of Silicon–Graphite Anodes by Nanometer-Thick Atomic-Layer-Deposited …

Transformation of charge polarity at HfO2/GaN interfaces through post-deposition annealing

Ferroelectricity of HfZrO Thin Film Induced at 350 C by Thermally Accelerated Nucleation During Atomic Layer Deposition


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