Sunday Dose of ALD week 51, 2023. Read all ALD related scientific articles of Dec 18 - 24

Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 December 18- 24, 2023


Prompt Hole Extraction Suppresses V5+ Dissolution and Sustains Large-Area BiVO4 Photoanodes for Over 2100 h Water Oxidation

Annealing modulated microstructural and electrical properties of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition-derived HfO2/SiO2 nanolaminates on AlGaN/GaN

Direct Visualization of the Formation about Inverse Catalyst CoO(x)/Pt(111)

The influence of light and temperature stimuli on the characteristics of Au/ZnO/n-Si Schottky-type device

A stable undoped low-voltage memristor cell based on Titania (TiOx)

Oriented Emitters in Plasmonic Nanoresonators

Surface-Modified Carbon Nanotubes with Ultrathin Co3O4 Layer for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction

PEALD Ru-decorated Ni-SDC cermet anode for utilizing methane fuel in low-temperature SOFCs

Low‐Temperature Vapor‐Phase Growth of 2D Metal Chalcogenides

Degradation Mechanism of Acetylacetone on Nickel Oxide in the Thermal Atomic Layer Etching Process

Elucidation of C–N bond cleavage mechanism in quinoline hydrodenitrogenation over Pt-based catalysts

Structure of Ta/TaN Nanolayered Systems Investigated by Transmission Electron Microscopy

Compositional tailoring of indium-free GZO layers via plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition for highly stable IGZO/GZO TFT

Nanoscopic decoration of multivalent vanadium oxide on Laser-Induced graphene fibers via atomic layer deposition for flexible gel supercapacitors

Atomic layer deposition mechanism of hafnium dioxide using hafnium precursor with amino ligands and water

High-Performance Indium-Gallium Oxide Thin-Film-Transistors via Plasma-Enhanced Atomic-Layer-Deposition

Ultrathin Al2O3 Interfacial Layer for Hf0.5Zr0.5O2-Based Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistors

[PDF] Combination of Multiple Operando and In-Situ Characterization Techniques in a Single Cluster System for Atomic Layer Deposition: Unraveling the Early …

Machine learning-based exploration of molecular design descriptors for area-selective atomic layer deposition (AS-ALD) precursors

Optimizing the quality factor of InP nanobeam cavities using atomic layer deposition

Atomic layer deposition in advanced display technologies: from photoluminescence to encapsulation

Effect of atmospheric environment on the stability of secondary electron emission from magnesium oxide and alumina surfaces

Tailoring Amorphous Boron Nitride for High-Performance 2D Electronics

Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of titanium nitride for superconducting devices

Catalyst design at atomic levelfor the electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction.

Synthesis of Lewis Acid Sites in SBA-15 and Amorphous Silica Using Vapor Phase Infiltration of Zr and Sn

[HTML] Structure and strain of CdS nanofilms on Au (111) during electrochemical atomic layer deposition growth

Al2O3/Si NPs multilayered antireflective coating to enhance the photovoltaic performance of solar cells

[PDF] Chemisorption and Surface Reaction of Hafnium Precursors on the Hydroxylated Si (100) Surface

Sparse identification modeling and predictive control of wafer temperature in an atomic layer etching reactor

Study of surface mechanisms in organic film mediated area selective atomic layer deposition


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