Sunday Dose of ALD week 27, 2024. Read all ALD related scientific articles of July 1 - 7

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Atomic Layer Deposition of Molybdenum Carbide Thin Films

… Potential of Hafnia Ferroelectrics: Achieving High Reliability via Plasma Frequency Modulation in Very High-Frequency Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

Thiol-Functionalized Adsorbents through Atomic Layer Deposition and Vapor-Phase Silanization for Heavy Metal Ion Removal

Optical coupling effects between plasmon resonances in disordered metal nanostructures and a nanocavity

Interfacial Distortion of Sb2Te3–Sb2Se3 Multilayers via Atomic Layer Deposition for Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties

[PDF] Metal oxides for electronics and the SPQEO journal

Optical properties of Ga 2 O 3 thin films grown by atomic layer deposition using GaI 3 and O 3 as precursors

UVIa: the Ultraviolet Type Ia Supernova CubeSat

Inverse design of ultrawideband one-dimensional metamaterial photonic filters using Riccati equation constrained gradient descent

Improved Ga2O3 Films on Variously Oriented Si Substrates with Al2O3 or HfO2 Buffer Layer via Atomic Layer Deposition

Conformal Antireflective Multilayers for High‐Numerical‐Aperture Deep‐Ultraviolet Lenses

[HTML] The rise of borophene

Chemical Bonding and Crystal Structure Schemes in Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposited Fe-Terephthalate Thin Films

Low-resistivity molybdenum-carbide thin films formed by thermal atomic layer deposition with pressure-assisted decomposition reaction

Synaptic plasticity and associative learning in IGZO-based synaptic transistor

Constructing Conductive MoOx Thin Films by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

Nanotechnology in Semiconductors: Role of Nano-Dimensions and Thin Film Structure

[HTML] Stabilisierung der ferroelektrischen Phase in Hafniumdioxid

Modulating the thermophysical properties of diamond/SiC composites via controlling the diamond graphitization

Review of properties, synthesis, and energy applications of borophene, a novel boron-based 2D material

Hybrid reactant-enabled atomic layer deposition of HfO2 for enhancing metal-insulator-metal capacitor fabricated on TiN electrode

Doping Methods and Their Effects

Layer‐Engineered Functional Multilayer Thin‐Film Structures and Interfaces through Atomic and Molecular Layer Deposition

Sequential Infiltration Synthesis of Al2O3 in PMMA Thin Films: Temperature Investigation by Operando Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

[PDF] Study of surface effects induced by Quasi-atomic layer etching

A transient site balance model for atomic layer etching

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance in Aluminum-Based Electrolyzer Components via Stoichiometry Tuned Atomic Layer-Deposited TiOx Films

[HTML] Development of hydrogen-selective TiOxNy-Pd composite membrane materials by atomic layer deposition

Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystals for Hybrid Integrated Silicon Photonics

Molecular dynamics simulations of silicon nitride atomic layer etching with Ar, Kr, and Xe ion irradiations

Investigation of HfZrO Ferroelectric Films at Low Thermal Budget (300 C)

Enhancing Internal and External Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells through Polystyrene‐Modification of the Perovskite and Rapid Open‐Air Deposition of ZnO/AlOx …


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