Sunday Dose of ALD week 13, 2024. Read all ALD related scientific articles of March 25-31

Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 week 13, March 25-31, 2024


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[HTML] A restricted dynamic surface self-reconstruction toward high-performance of direct seawater oxidation

The Role of Oxygen Vacancy and Hydrogen on the PBTI Reliability of ALD IGZO Transistors and Process Optimization

[HTML] Electrochemical Performance of WS2-CNT Core–Shell Heterostructures for the Detection of Vitamin B2

Evolutionary manufacturing approaches for advancing flexible perovskite solar cells

High-performance of ZnO/TiO2 heterostructured thin-film photocatalyst fabricated via atomic layer deposition

Atomic layer deposition of two-dimensional layered zirconium sulfide

Microwave absorbing performance of reduced graphene oxide@ alumina fabricated by atomic layer deposition method

[HTML] Implementation of sub-100 nm vertical channel-all-around (CAA) thin-film transistor using thermal atomic layer deposited IGZO channel

The Role of Mo Single Atoms and Clusters in Enhancing Pt Catalyst for Benzene Hydrogenation: Distinguishing Between Benzene Spillover and Electronic Effect

Synergistic Ni‐W Dimer Sites Induced Stable Compressive Strain for Boosting the Performance of Pt as Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

InGaN-based Blue Resonant Cavity Micro-LED Combined with Red-Green-Yellow Quantum Dot Color Conversion Layer for Wide Color Gamut and Energy-Efficient …

[HTML] Optical and Electrochemical Properties of a Nanostructured ZnO Thin Layer Deposited on a Nanoporous Alumina Structure via Atomic Layer Deposition

Atomically Precise Design of PtSn Catalyst for the Understanding of the Role of Sn in Propane Dehydrogenation

Effect of Co-Reactants on Interfacial Oxidation in Atomic Layer Deposition of Oxides on Metal Surfaces

Improving Quality of Aln Films Via In-Situ Plasma Pre-Treatment in Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

[HTML] Oxygen tracer diffusion in amorphous hafnia films for resistive memory

Investigation of dual work function metal (DWFM) gate stacks with ALD TaAlN and TaAlC for multi threshold voltages (VTHs) engineering in MOS device integration

Alumina-Titania Nanolaminate Condensers for Hot Programmable Catalysis

Design of monocapillary with inner Al2O3/HfO2 multilayer to obtain focused

Atomic-Level Tailoring of the Electronic Metal–Support Interaction Between Pt-Co3O4 Interfaces for High Hydrogen Evolution Performance

Chain‐Like Semiconductive Fillers for Dielectric Enhancement and Loss Reduction of Polymer Composites

Study on the Sodium-Doped Titania Interface-Type Memristor

Nano-imprint lithography of broad-band and wide-angle antireflective structures for high-power lasers

Quasi‐atomic layer etching of silicon with surface chlorination and removal using Ar or He plasmas

Unveiling and Overcoming Instabilities in Perovskite Solar Cells Induced by Atomic‐Layer‐Deposition Tin Oxide

Interface band alignment of amorphous Ga2O3/Ge heterojunctions fabricated by atomic layer deposition

Activation of polyimide by oxygen plasma for atomic layer deposition of highly compact titanium oxide coating

Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of silicon nitride using magnetized very high frequency plasma

Encapsulation of flexible organic solar cells via parylene and alumina dyads


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