Sunday Dose of ALD week 12, 2024. Read all ALD related scientific articles of Mar 17 - 24

Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 March 17 - 24, 2024


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Self-reducing Precursors for Aluminium Metal Thin Films: Evaluation of Stable Aluminium Hydrides for Vapor Phase Aluminium Deposition

Robust ultrablack film deposited on large-curvature magnesium alloy by atomic layer deposition

… and Annealing on the Structural, Optical, and Electrical Characteristics of Nb-Doped Tio2 Thin Films Produced Via Atomic Layer Deposition Utilizing the Supercycle …

Comparison of SiO2/TiO2 photocatalysts with different thicknesses synthesized by fluidized bed atomic layer deposition

Water Dose influence to the ALD hafnium oxide process: simulation and experiment

Improving transparency and durability of 3D micro-optics by combining laser multi-photon lithography with calcination and atomic layer deposition

Quality factor enhancement of InP nanobeam cavities using atomic layer deposition

Full-wafer fabrication of all-inorganic metalenses, waveguides and diffractive optics via nanoimprint lithography

Al2O3 photonic integrated circuits for UV optical microscopy

Role of Surface Chemistry in Pyrrole Autoxidation

Laser chemical processing of layered films and etching of semiconductors

Potential of TiO2 as a Capping Layer for Industrial c-Si PERC Solar Cells

Staring X-ray backscatter imaging based on ultra-high aspect ratio lobster eye lens

Reinforcing self-assembly of hole transport molecules for stable inverted perovskite solar cells

Effect of films thickness and hydrogen annealing on passivation performance of plasma ALD based Hafnium oxide films

Room temperature atomic layer deposition of zinc titanium oxide using sequential adsorption of dimethyl zinc and tetrakis (dimethylamino) titanium

C-Axis Aligned Composite InZnO via Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition for 3D Nanostructured Semiconductor

Numerical Simulation of the Temperature Excursions of Porous Substrates During Atomic Layer Deposition

[HTML] Understanding phase evolution of ferroelectric Hf 0.5 Zr 0.5 O 2 thin films with Al 2 O 3 and Y 2 O 3 inserted layers

Atomic-scale oxygen-vacancy engineering in Sub-2 nm thin Al2O3/MgO memristors

Vertically Stackable Ovonic Threshold Switch Oscillator Using Atomic Layer Deposited Ge0.6Se0.4 Film for High-Density Artificial Neural Networks

[HTML] High-performance and safe lithium-ion battery with precise ultrathin Al2O3-coated polyethylene separator

… and optimisation of the properties of n-decanoic acid-tetradecanol phase change materials by nanocomposite carbon materials prepared by atomic layer deposition …


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