Sunday Dose of ALD week 10, 2024. Read all ALD related scientific articles of Mar 4 - 10

Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 March  4- 10, 2024


Atomic Layer Deposition of ScF3 and ScxAlyFz Thin Films

Surface Accumulation Induced Negative Schottky Barrier and Ultralow Contact Resistance in Atomic-Layer-Deposited InO Thin-Film Transistors

Review of Material Properties of Oxide Semiconductor Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition for Next-Generation 3D Dynamic Random-Access Memory …

VO2 wire grid polarizers for MWIR applications

Bandwidth extension to 1627 nm of over 20 dB gain in an erbium-doped silica fiber via two-photon absorption

Formation of E-band luminescence-active centers in bismuth-doped silica fiber via atomic layer deposition

Effect of Argon Annealing Treatment on Photoelectric Properties of GZO Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition

Characterization of Ceria Films in SBA-15

Utilizing hydrolysis resistance of compressed Li3PS4 films to eradicate surface hydroxyls and form conformal coatings through atomic layer deposition

[HTML] Operando study of HfO2 atomic layer deposition on partially hydroxylated Si (111)

Atomic layer deposition for tuning the surface chemical composition of nickel iron phosphates for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolyzers

Distance-Dependent Energy Transfer under Modal Strong Coupling from CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots to a Plasmonic Fabry–Pérot Cavity

Temperature-controlled defect engineering in ceria nanostructures using thin film VO2-CeOx bilayers

Novel Dual Work Function Buried Channel Array Transistor Process Design for Sub-17 nm DRAM

Nonoxidative dehydrogenation of propane using boron-incorporated silica-supported Pt Sites synthesized by atomic layer deposition

High enhancement, low cost, large area surface enhanced Raman scattering substrates all by atomic layer deposition on porous filter paper

Fabrication of the low-k films with tunable k value as spacers in advanced CMOS technology

Growth of conformal TiN thin film with low resistivity and impurity via hollow cathode plasma atomic layer deposition

Advanced TiO2/Al2O3 Bilayer ALD Coatings for Improved Lithium-Rich Layered Oxide Electrodes

Understanding Organic Photovoltaic Materials Using Simple Thermal Analysis Methodologies

[HTML] Toward fast and accurate machine learning interatomic potentials for atomic layer deposition precursors

[HTML] Dielectric multilayers impact on radiation-induced charge accumulation in highly sensitive oxide field effect transistors

Optimizing Atomic Layer Deposition Processes with Nanowire‐Assisted TEM Analysis

In situ Differential Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Measurement for Ultra-thin Thiol SAM Patterns by Area-Selective Deposition Technique

[HTML] Atomic layer deposition of copper metal: Promising cathode in thin-film lithium-ion batteries

Optical, chemical and coverage properties of magnesium fluoride formed by atomic layer deposition

A Controllable and Effective Method to Prepare Nano-LnMOFs Film on Silk Fabric and Extend the Temperature-Sensing Range

[HTML] Review on perovskite solar cells via vacuum and non-vacuum solution based methods


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