Sunday Dose of ALD

Scientific articles related to ALD/MLD/ALE/VPI        

 September 18 - 24, 2023


Introducing a Robust Flexible Conductive Hybrid: Indium Oxide-ParyleneC Obtained by Vapor Phase Infiltration

Hydrogen sensing characteristics of TiO 2 thin films grown by atomic layer depositon using TTIP precursor with H 2 O vs. O 3 reactants

Impact of Atomic Layer Deposition Temperature on Electrical and Optical Properties of Zno: Al Films

Batch fabrication of MoS2 devices directly on growth substrates by step engineering

Ultrathin Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 Overcoat Stabilizes Al2O3-Pt/Ni-Foam Hydrogenation Catalysts

Chemical and structural characterization of Hf-based high-k dielectrics by X-ray spectroscopy

[HTML] Atomic layer deposition of Y 2 O 3 films using a novel liquid homoleptic yttrium precursor tris (sec-butylcyclopentadienyl) yttrium [Y (s BuCp) 3] and water

Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of molybdenum carbide and carbonitride films using bis (isopropylcyclopentadienyl) molybdenum (IV) dihydride and an H2 …

Low-Temperature Ta-Doped Tiox Electron-Selective Contacts For High-Efficiency Topcon Solar Cells

Enhancement of the Sensing Performance of Devices based on Multistimuli-Responsive Hybrid Materials

HfZrO-Based Ferroelectric Gate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs With Steep Subthreshold Swings

Post-deposition annealing challenges for ALD Al0. 5Si0. 5Ox/n-GaN MOS devices

Enhancement of the Sensing Performance of Devices based on Multistimuli-Responsive Hybrid Materials.

All-fiber ellipsometer for nanoscale dielectric coatings

Catalyzing Generation And Stabilization of Oxygen Vacancies on CeO2‐x Nanorods by Pt Nanoclusters as Nanozymes for Catalytic Therapy

3D printing meets 2D materials for Energy Storage and Sensing

[HTML] Low temperature atomic layer deposition of cobalt using dicobalt hexacarbonyl-1-heptyne as precursor

Suppressed Ion Migration in FA‐Rich Perovskite Photovoltaics through Enhanced Nucleation of Encapsulation Interface

Effect of substrates on the chemical characteristics and evolving structures of an organic superhydrophobic coating: Auswirkungen von Substraten auf die chemischen …

Dual‐single‐atoms of Pt–Co boost sulfur redox kinetics for ultrafast Li–S batteries

Atomic Layer Deposition of HfO2 Films Using Tetrakis(1-(N,N-dimethylamino)-2-propoxy)hafnium [Hf(dmap)4] for Advanced Gate Dielectrics Applications

Back-End-of-Line-Compatible Scaled InGaZnO Transistors by Atomic Layer Deposition

Electron Transport Layer Engineering Induced Carrier Dynamics Optimization for Efficient Cd‐Free Sb2Se3 Thin‐Film Solar Cells

Synthesis of High Conformalty Ti-Six-N Films Using (Ch3) 3ccl and Sih4; Density Functional Theory Simulation and Film Characterization

Tailoring crystallisation of anatase TiO2 ultra-thin films grown by atomic layer deposition using 2D oxides as growth template

Optimizing energy storage performance of ALD YSZ thin film devices via yttrium concentration variations

In Situ Investigation of Thermally Induced Surface Graphenization of Polymer-Derived Ceramic (PDC) Coatings from Molecular Layer (MLD) Deposited Silicon-Based …


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