ALD on Spotlight at the 242nd Electrochemical Society Meeting in Atlanta

The 242nd Electrochemical Society (ECS) meeting, hosted in Atlanta (USA), brought together top researchers in academia, government, and industry to develop novel concepts and technologies in electrochemistry, solid-state science, and more technical sessions. Industry professionals could learn, attend technical presentations, network, build businesses, and advance their careers at this great event. Professor Fred Roozeboom, our executive editor, has been the main organizer of ECS meetings regarding ALD & ALE Applications, for years.

Atomic layer deposition (ALD) was given a spotlight in the meeting, with chairs regarding ALD for Lithium-Ion Batteries, by Matthias J. Young (University of Missouri-Columbia) and Jeffrey W. Elam (Applied Materials Division, Argonne National Laboratory), ALD Present and Future by Thorsten Lill (Lam Research Corporation) and Ganesh Sundaram (Veeco).

Adding up to the ALD field, Ganesh Sundaram from Veeco and Oana Leonte from Berkeley Polymer Technologies were the chair on ALD for Catalysis, Rong Chen from Huazhong University and Jolien Dendooven (Universiteit Ghent) hosted ALD for Membrane Applications.

For those initiating and entering the ALD field right now, the chair on Fundamentals of ALD by Professor Fred Roozeboom (University of Twente) and Andrea Illiberi (ASM Belgium) was an intellectual desert.

The symposium started with tutorials on Sunday from Greg Parsons (NC State Univ.) about Selective Area Deposition and from our editor Ruud van Ommen about ALD on powders. The symposium continued from Monday to Thursday and was visited by approximately 50 participants daily.

ALD in the Spotlight at the 242nd Electrochemical Society Meeting in Atlanta

ALDJ editor Alfredo Mameli (TNO Holst Centre) during his invited presentation.

Professor Mark Losego, one of our editors, has presented his brilliant work on TiO2 crystallization, which has recently been published as a peer reviewed article in ALDJ. You can read this work here. At the end of his presentation, he gave useful information about our journal, highlighting the major aspects of it: A diamond open access journal, free to read and write, and indexed in the most used databases. Moreover, the editorial board finds the top global experts in the field. 


ALD in the Spotlight at the 242nd Electrochemical Society Meeting in Atlanta

Slide depicting information about ALDJ, from Professor Mark Losego presentation during the 242nd ECS meeting. 


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