Aims and Scope

ALDiJ targets scientists specialising in all aspects of Atomic Layer Deposition. It focuses on highly advanced aspects of Atomic Layer Deposition and related science and technologies. The journal is open to literature research publications from all over the world, submitted in the English language. Articles must be original and arising from the authors’ own research. Prior to publication, they must undergo an external review process.

Effective integration of perspectives of academia, industry, governmental organization, and rapid translation of these discoveries to the articles is essential for realizing the potential of the next era of ALD research.

To achieve the next paradigm shift in the integration of basic science, ALD and industrial applications, scientific collaborations call for precise and deep understanding of mutual interests, paving the way for a rationale balance between the different fundamental interests of academic researchers and industry representatives.

In view of this, there is a need to build a high-quality interdisciplinary forum, and Atomic Layer Deposition, International Journal ALDiJ aims at this goal. ALDiJ offer insights into different areas of coating science such as CVD, ALE, ALD, and comparisons with other techniques in order to encourage cooperation and exchange among scientists and clinical researchers.

The Journal will be published monthly, with approximately 6 articles per month.

The journal's first directors is Dr. Ir. D.J. Monsma.


ALDiJ is indexed in the OCLC, WorldCat, Primo Central (Ex Libris), Sherpa Romeo and Summon Databases.