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The Kurt J. Lesker Company® (KJLC®) ALD150LX™ is an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system designed specifically for advanced research and development (R&D) applications. Innovative ALD150LX design features, like our Patented Precursor Focusing Technique™ and advancements such as our Patent Pending Ultrahigh Purity (UHP) Process Capability provide unparalleled flexibility and performance. With an emphasis on enabling and supporting innovative, cutting edge technology at the R&D level, the ALD150LX serves not only as a stand-alone platform, but provides connectivity with additional process and analysis modules in a cluster tool configuration.

ALD150LX cluster tool connectivity eliminates unwanted atmosphere exposure between critical process and analysis steps to protect sensitive surfaces, layers and their interfaces. This connectivity includes the integration of additional ALD and analysis modules, as well as other KJLC thin film deposition technologies for multi-technique process and analysis capability and support that are second-to-none in the industry. Combined quality, flexibility and performance, as well as multi-technique process and analysis capability make the ALD150LX an innovative, best-in-class design.

Technical features

Process Chamber

  • Thermal or plasma-enhanced (PEALD) configurations
  • Smart vacuum design, employing UHV-type sealing enabling UHP process conditions
  • Perpendicular flow design
  • Four separate chamber inlets for precursor delivery (not including plasma)
  • Analytical ports for in-situ ellipsometry or other techniques
  • Horizontal substrate loading port (up to 150 mm diameter substrates)
  • Independent substrate heater stage


  • High-performance, remote inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source with up to eight plasma gas lines
  • ICP source equipped with metal and differentially pumped elastomer seals enabling UHP process conditions
  • Integral cooling allows use of high ICP power (1,000 W)
  • Up to twelve precursor sources with four separate chamber inlets (not including plasma)
  • Variety of precursor delivery options are available including vapor draw, flow-through and pulsed gas delivery
  • Exposure modes include dynamic, static and optional Variable Residence Mode™ (VRM™)
  • Ozone source

Typical Processes

  • Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, HfO2, ZrO2, HZO, ZnO, AZO, AIN, TiN, and GaN (many others available, please inquire)

System Heating

  • Independent substrate heater stage capable of up to 600°C operation
  • Process chamber and precursor delivery line heating up to 250°C
  • Precursor heating up to 200°C
  • Delivery Line heating up to 250°C
  • Up to 200°C Valve Heating

Process Pump

  • Rotary vane pump (53 cfm) with foreline purge/vent protection and oil filtration
  • Dry pump (Recommended Ebara ESR20N optional)
  • Customer supplied process pump

Substrate Transfer

  • Manual loading
  • High vacuum Load-Lock (single or multi-wafer cassette)
  • Cluster Tool
  • Glove Box

Software & Controls

  • KJLC eKLipse system control software (LabView based)
  • Real time controller
  • True precision ALD valve timing
  • Data plotting & recording of any available signal(s)
  • Multiple and customizable safety interlocks
  • Optional gas/reagent compatibility safety PLC
  • Choose from provided, tested recipes, or write your own
  • Multi-user level access, customizable
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