CTechnano Coating Technologies
Product model
Stardust Series
Type of product
Deposition Tool

Fluidized bed reactor providing efficient coating for samples of various 0D-1D shapes and sizes.

Technical features


  • Small or medium size reactor: up to 50 g or 10 kg, substrate load.
  • Stainless steel and borosilicate glass reactors.
  • Precursors feeding system with 2-4 lines. Different precursors (cold and hot).
  • Precursors feeding system equipped with fast pneumatic valves.
  • Fluidization: Induced vibration and gas flow.
  • Filters to prevent particles leaving reactor.
  • Multi-section temperature control:
    • Precursors, heating jackets, range 0-200ºC, resolution 1ºC.
    • Chamber, range 0-200ºC, resolution 1ºC.
    • Piping inlet and outlet of the chamber, range 0-150ºC, resolution 1ºC.
  • Base pressure 10-1/10-3 mbar.
  • Tool dimensions: 1100x600x1600 mm.
  • Control system with touchscreen:
    • System status information: gas flow, temperatures, pressure, and valves.
    • Process monitoring: pressure and temperatures. Deviation alarms and safety locks.
    • Recipes handling and real time monitoring.
  • Customized characteristics upon request.
  • Ergonomic design. Visual and alarms.

Additional Options:

  • O3 generator, plasma source, residual gas analyzer…

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