ATLANT 3D Nanosystems
Product model
Type of product
Direct patterned ALD coating system using micronozzle

ATLANT3D™ Technology involves the sequential deposition of gases for direct patterning of various coating materials. It uses a micronozzle that sequentially ejects reactive vapors over a moving substrate. So far the following materials have been tested: TiO2, Pt, ZnO, SiO2.

Unique ATLANT3D™ technology allows

- Direct patterned ALD coating using micronozzle
- Rapid atomic layer prototyping and manufacturing
- Highly selective atomic layer patterning
- Excellent 2D/3D conformal deposition on simple and complex surfaces
- Combining multiple materials with excellent compatibility
- Excellent pattern adhesion to almost any surfaces
- Digital and atomically precise control over the printing process
- With possibility to apply up to 450 different commercially available materials

4 different precursors and 4 different reactants can be loaded at the same time, allowing you to quickly switch between the materials you wish to deposit or test

Technical features

Samples size

  •  The stage of NanofabricatorTM 1 can accommodate wafers up to 4’’ and other shapes under 100x100 mm

Stage speed

  • The Nanofabricator stage can move up to 100mm/s, with a deposition speed dependent on the sample and process specifications


  • tool size D 100 cm x H 200 cm x W 250 cm ******


  • 400 kg

Power supply 

  • 3-phase 32 A
  • 3-phase 16 A
  • 230 V, 50-60 Hz

Gas line connections

  • Argon line connection required
  • Nitrogen line connection required
  • Oxygen line connection required
  • Compressed air line connection required Vacuum line connection required

Exhaust connections

  • For electric box
  • For gas box For printing unit
  • For printhead, should be connected to absorption or decomposition filter (not provided with the system)
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