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300 mm wafer production plasma ALD system

EmerALD XP is a process module designed to deposit thin conformal metal and dielectric ​layers by atomic layer deposition (ALD) used for advanced CMOS gate stacks and other applications.

ALD works by exposing the heated wafer to controlled pulses of process gases. These pulses are each followed by purging. Pulses and purge steps take place in sequence. One complete sequence, called an ALD cycle, forms an atomic layer of the desired material. Multiple layers are formed up to the desired thickness by repeating this cycle.

The EmerALD reactor chamber uses a showerhead-process gas distribution method to assure uniform gas delivery to the wafer surface. EmerALD also has a remote plasma chamber clean capability which for many processes allows the option of maintaining chamber performance for longer periods between chamber cleans resulting in higher uptime.

Up to four EmerALD process modules can be configured to the XP cluster platform, which is a member of ASM’s XP common platform series.

Technical features


  • Showerhead design for uniform reactant concentration providing excellent film performance on varied topographies;
  • Small showerhead and wafer chamber volume, optimized for ALD to increase throughput;
  • Direct and remote plasma to provide extended process control capabilities;
  • In-situ chamber clean for higher uptime.


  • Metal gate layers;
  • Low-temperature oxides;
  • Capacitor electrodes. ​
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