Precursor Chemistry of Advanced Materials

Roland A. Fischer (Editor)
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Material synthesis by the transformation of organometallic compounds (precursors) by vapor deposition techniques such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) has been in the forefront of modern day research and development of new materials. There exists a need for new routes for designing and synthesizing new precursors as well as the application of established molecular precursors to derive tuneable materials for technological demands. With regard to the precursor chemistry, a most detailed understanding of the mechanistic complexity of materials formation from molecular precursors is very important for further development of new processes and advanced materials. To emphasize and stimulate research in these areas, this volume comprises a selection of case studies covering various key-aspects of the interplay of precursor chemistry with the process conditions of materials formation, particularly looking at the similarities and differences of CVD, ALD and nanoparticle synthesis, e.g. colloid chemistry, involving tailored molecular precursors. Part of the book series: Topics in Organometallic Chemistry (TOPORGAN, volume 9).

  1. Gas-Phase Thermochemistry and Mechanism of Organometallic Tin Oxide CVD Precursors
    Mark D. Allendorf, A. M. B. van Mol
  2. Materials Chemistry of Group 13 Nitrides
    Anjana Devi, Rochus Schmid, Jens Müller, Roland A. Fischer
  3. Single-Source-Precursor CVD: Alkoxy and Siloxy Aluminum Hydrides
    Michael Veith
  4. CVD Deposition of Binary AlSb and GaSb Material Films -- a Single-Source Approach
    Stephan Schulz
  5. Organometallic Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition
    Matti Putkonen, Lauri Niinistö
  6. Surface Reactivity of Transition Metal CVD Precursors: Towards the Control of the Nucleation Step
    Philippe Serp, Jean-Cyrille Hierso, Philippe Kalck
  7. Organometallic and Metallo-Organic Precursors for Nanoparticles
    M. A. Malik, P. O'Brien
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