Engineered Biomimicry: Chapter 16. Atomic Layer Deposition for Biomimicry

Lianbing Zhang (Author), Mato Knez (Author)
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With the development of new synthetic procedures and technological processes, the interest in biomimicry has gathered rejuvenation in the past decades. One particularly interesting research method is the atomic layer deposition (ALD), which was established in various fields of technology as a vacuum-based chemical-processing technique and enabler for the deposition of extremely thin functional coatings. The benefits of this technology over similar techniques make it increasingly attractive for applications in biomimicry. In this chapter, short descriptions of the technology and its benefits and drawbacks are given. Subsequently, we summarize development in various research topics involving ALD and biomimicry. Publisher: Elsevier (May 24, 2013), 45 pages.

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