Product model
Pure Ozone Generator
Type of product

We offer a high purity (>80vol.% concentration, <ppm of NOx, H2O, CO2) ozone delivery system that covers up to 4 ALD systems simultaneously. Thanks to our proprietary hardware and software for generating and storing the large amount of distilled pure ozone as well as its higher oxidizing ability and longer lifetime than conventional ozone, productivity of your ALD systems are enhanced with reducing the running costs and carbon footprints of them. In addition, our system can be installed outside the clean room with simple/easy gas piping connections to your multiple ALD systems

Technical features
  • Ozone concentration: >80vol.% 
  • Maximum total amount of 100-300 cc/min deliverable to your ALDs 
  • 3 to 6 times more efficient (lower gas consumption) than 20vol.% ozone 
  • Zero footprint for clean room
  • No additional ozone decomposer needed (Full catalytic ozone decomposer inside)
  • Modular configuration (Free expansion)
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