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UHV Series Hollow Cathode Plasma Sources
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Meaglow's hollow cathode plasma sources are the go to solution for reducing oxygen contamination in non-oxide films. These units provide a high density plasma source without the oxygen contamination from the plasma etching of quartz or sapphire liners. The UHV series plasma sources are commonly used for the replacement of ICP sources, however custom units are often supplied especially for home made ALD systems. These units are ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible and use conflat fittings. 300 and 600 watt units are common, but higher power units can be produced on request.  The standard units are of stainless steel construction with a stainless steel hollow cathode, however customization is available.  A nickel alloy version is available for operation with fluorine and chlorine based gases, however other cathode materials are available upon request eg. titanium. We can supply a Seren RF generator and RF match with the plasma source, though operation with other equipment is possible.

Technical features
  • Ultra-high vacuum compatible units with conflat fittings.
  • 300  and 600 watt RF operation, higher power units on request, DC possible.
  • 316 stainless steel cathode standard, other materials on request, a nickel version is available for use with chlorine and fluorine based gases.
  • Standard operating pressure of ~ 100 mTorr to > 5 Torr. A low pressure option is available down ~20 mTorr dependent on gas type.
  • An integrated matching box can be added.
  • Wide range of gas usage, nitrogen, ammonia, hydrogen, argon, many others
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